Student Council invites you to join us in a food drive especially for children.  We are partnering with Lutheran Social Services to support their Backpack Program.

Each Friday backpacks with healthy meals and snacks are sent home with children in Jacksonville who may otherwise go hungry.  We are collecting kid friendly snacks and lunch items through the month of February.  Below is a list of items specifically requested by the Nourshiment Network:

- oatmeal packets                                           - soup or mac 'n cheese cups

- individual packs of snack crackers               - individual chip bags

- fruit snacks                                                   - individual pretzel bags

-ramen noodles                                              - peanut butter and jelly

-individual boxed raisins                                - individual bags of popcorn (popped)

-individual applesauce                                   - fruit cups

- individual cereal boxes                                - granola bars

- jello and pudding cups                                 - juice boxes

- fruit roll-ups                                                  - pop-top cans of Chef Boyardee (single serve)