Middle School

Middle school begins with 5th grade at Grace. Core classes are departmentalized and students have the opportunity to graduate with several high school credits. Students discover their unique gifts and talents by participating in a wide array of electives and extracurricular programs. Highlights of the middle school experience include overnight field trips, dances, and a back-to-school retreat to develop leadership skills and build relationships across the grade levels.

Social and emotional growth is critical in middle school, so our teachers intentionally design curriculum to develop skills in collaboration, problem solving, persistence, and overcoming mistakes. High expectations, a consistently enforced code of conduct, and effective teaching strategies engage students and allow them to thrive, not just survive, their middle school years.

Graduates from Grace excel in private and public high schools all over Jacksonville. Our students are prepared for the challenges of high school. They leave Grace with the skills to advocate for themselves, stand up to social peer pressure, and handle the academic rigour of advanced high school programs including the IB program, the Early College Program, AICE, and AVID.

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