Field Day Fun!

Field Day Fun!

Field Day Fun!

by | May 6, 2020 | Parent Blog, Recent News

Parents and Students-

You have done an amazing job with distance learning!  We are so proud of you and your hard work.  You have earned a break from our regular classes with Field Day!

On Friday, May 8th students and parents are encouraged to participate in National Field Day activities.  Instead of logging in for a Zoom class, grab some simple supplies to compete against our teachers and classmates in 11 Field Day Events that you do at home.  Complete a minimum of 4 events, and post your best times on our Facebook page.  Don’t forget to share a video of you and your family completing a challenge!  There are no prizes for first place- we just want you to have some fun with a little friendly competition.

Check out a short video demonstration of each game at or watch the teachers complete the challenge on our Grace Facebook page at

Here’s a quick list of activities and supplies:

Bowl Ball- 6 bowls and a sock ball

Water Bottle Trap- clothes basket, water bottle, sock ball

Penguin Race- ball, 2 cups

Climb the Ladder- ladder or chalk, plastic cup, 3 sock balls

If the Shoe Fits- a pair of tennis shoes

Paper Plane Corn Hole- laundry basket, 3 paper airplanes

Wind Bowling- 10 cups, balloon or paper plate

Sock-er Skee Ball- a large, medium, and small container and sock balls

Towl Flip- beach towel

Milk Jug Relay- two milk jugs or two heavy books

Flip Your Lid- spatula and lid