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12200 McCormick Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32225, USA


The Kelley Family

"We were a little overwhelmed as our son made the transition from elementary school to middle school.  We recognized that as parents, we could build his confidence to a certain degree, but he could not grow to his full potential without the right school environment.  We are grateful for many reasons that we came to Grace.   The accountability and expectations that our son faced daily helped him to grow and continue to benefit him."

The Riley Family

"We enrolled our son in the VPK program at Grace and have been treated like family ever since.  We love the strong sense of community, and have developed great friendships with other families and students.

 We really can’t say enough about how pleased we are with our decision to send our child to Grace.  We strongly believe education should be Christ-centered and our expectations have been exceeded."

The Jackson Family

"We were unsure where to enroll our child for school.  After researching several options, we chose Grace Lutheran School.  Choosing Grace was the best decision we made.  Our child was welcomed immediately, and with the help of the Grace faculty and teachers, he has made strides in learning like never before."