Happy Sunday Afternoon! Here are this week's announcements:
  • Trike-a-thon has been rescheduled for THIS Friday. Please check below for info on this event.
  • Our quarterly preschool/kindergarten chapel is this Thursday at 12:00. Kindergarten will be singing a song and you are welcome to join us!
  • Disguise a Turkey projects are due on Tuesday. These are for a grade, so please make sure to send them in on time.
  • The last day for wearing K-9 for Warriors t-shirts is this Friday.
  • Reading/Language/Phonics: Circular stories and cause and effect, adjectives, making a list, and beginning blends. I will be assessing Group 1 for new reading books. Children MUST be able to read CVC words in book on last two pages!
  • Math: Tallying using charts and introduction to geometry with triangles. We will have a test on Wednesday.
  • Social Studies: Wampanoag Indians and their culture, Squanto and his contribution to the livelihood and survival of the Pilgrims. Comparison/contrast of Indian and Pilgrim ways of life, Indian symbols and their use in communication.
  • Bible: Discussion of gratefulness and what the Bible tells us about being thankful and grateful for our blessings from God.
  • Sight Words: go, get, green
Have a blessed week everyone!