Reading: Amazing Bird Nest  (Test: Friday, November 22nd )  

Reading Skills- Main Idea and Details and Context Clues

Vocabulary- bill, go, hunters, material, platform, tons, twigs

Grammar-  Possessive Nouns

Spelling Words-father, chapter, other, alphabet, watch, English, weather, catch, fashion, shrink, pitcher, flash, athlete, trophy, nephew

Challenge Words: northern, establish, emphasis, hyphen, challenge

Writing: Penguin Research Papers- Opening Sentences, Details, and Closing Sentences

Math- Chapter 5: Multiplication Facts (0,1, 2, 5, 9, 10) (Test: Monday, November 25th)

Science- Chapter 2  (Test: Tuesday, November 26th)

Social Studies- Southeast Region-Students should be working on Capitals and Abbrevations, as well as where states are located  (Test: Tuesday, December 3rd)

Memory Work- Christmas Worship Parts (Test: Friday, November 22nd or Tuesday, November 26th)

Religion- Unit 3 God the Father