1st Grade Home

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 Welcome to Mrs. Sasse's 1st Grade Class!

 First graders learn about making friends and being a good friend. They learn about their best friend, Jesus, and how He can help them through any situation in life. They hear and act out true stories from the New and Old Testament. They learn how God used ordinary people to do marvelous things. They begin to realize God can use them to share the Good News too.

I have taught various grades, but first grade is my favorite. These children are full of energy and are excited to learn. They are like little sponges that soak up so much information. Some are just learning to read while others read quite well, but they all learn to love reading as we learn through activites.

Students read in groups and invidually with their buddies. First graders enjoy making puppets and scenery as they present plays and Readers Theatre to parents and younger classes. In Grammar they sing jingles to learn the English rules. Students master their math facts as they do math excercises. They play games using money and clocks, shapes and blocks. 

First graders help transform their classroom into an Amazon Rain Forest as they learn about various animals. They have a Safari Party to celebrate all they have learned. Students read in a teepee and play Native American games. They learn about the layers of the earth, help build a cave with bats, even pan for gold as they do earth centers. In the spring, they experience Asia as they celebrate Doll Day and Carp Day, and make origami in the Japanese tea room. Our room is constantly changing!

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