Grace Lutheran School

Jacksonville, Florida

1st Grade Home

linda sasse  

 Welcome to Mrs. Sasse's 1st Grade Class!

In first grade we will learn a lot about making friends and being a good friend. We'll learn about our best friend, Jesus, and how He can help us through any situation in life. We will study plants and animals, and the amazing earth God created with all the layers and types of rocks. We'll learn about occupations, famous people, and places. Math will be fun as we play games using money and clocks, shapes and blocks and do math excercises. We'll read and act out stories in Reading and English and sing jingles to learn the rules.

I have taught various grades but first grade is my favorite. These children are full of energy and are excited to learn. They are like little sponges that soak up so much information. Some are just learning to read and others read quite well, but they all learn to love reading as we learn through activites. I can't be like Ms. Frizzle and take students on a bus through the earth or to Africa or Asia, but with the help of your children, we will turn our classroom into many different places as we learn.